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  • Quality Business Computers
  • Services and Virus Removal
  • Video Editing Services

We custom order business grade refurbished and off lease computers to meet each customers individual needs. We have been doing so for over 15 years. Our computers are not preinstalled with bloated software. 

Call the owner direct at 814-882-0214 for details.

You tell me how you use the computer and what you need. You don't need to spend big money on a computer unless you prefer a more powerful computer.

The choice is yours. Computer Pricing at end of page.

For detail or appointments during the week or anytime call the owner direct at 814-882-0214. OR email me at

Never call a 1800 number for support again!

Onforce service tech PRO
With over 400 services calls completed!

Quick Pricing Below:
  • Virus Removal $40 - $50
  • System Reinstalls $65 - $79 Includes 5 gig data backup
  • Data Backup $20 and up
  • Free Estimates
  • Video Editing services

Current Computer Pricing

  • HP Elite Book Laptop I5 Processor, 8 gigs of Ram, 500 gig HD, $425
  • HP business tower, xeon server processor, 12 gigs of Ram, 500 gig HD, $375
  • Dell Business laptop I5 Processor, 4 gigs of Ram, 160 gig SSD HD,  $300

We sell computers at lower pricing as well. Call for a quote.

Call the owner direct at 814-882-0214 for details.

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